AAMRI has been studying the relationship between certain diseases and micro-nutrient deficiencies since 1997 with the goal of finding new and better ways of treating and preventing human disease, ultimately leading to our specialisation in Individualised Scientific Amino Acid Supplementation.

The AAMRI Supplementation Program takes a scientific approach to traditional oral supplementation.

On the AAMRI Supplementation Program your blood is first analysed for deficiencies and excesses of the various Amino Acids and then assessed based on your personal medical history before supplements are prescribed and manufactured in accordance with your own personal Amino Acid Profile. This personalised approach eliminates the taking of unnecessary and sometimes detrimental supplementation and also ensures optimal results.

Our research on nutrition and disease have yielded that a lot of common medical conditions and diseases can be addressed by providing the body with all the "Building Blocks" required to restore and maintain optimum health.

While we do not offer a cure in any respect, we have witnessed great success with the improvement of Auto-immune diseases like Systemic Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Hashimoto's Disease (Hypothyroidism); Attention Deficit Disorders (ADD and ADHD); Muscle Building; and with General Health concerns like Tiredness, Weakened Immune System, Weight Management, Hair Loss and the treatment of Acne.

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